Summer 2011

The Storm 2001 Girls team finished the season placing 7th out of 9 teams in the U10 1st Division of the South West Regional Soccer League. Our regular season record was 2 wins, 2 ties, and 12 losses. Our record in the first half of the schedule was 0-1-7, while our record in the second half improved to 2-1-5. I had coaches from several other teams comment to me how they thought that the team had become stronger over the year. During the regular season, our goals scorers were Madison (12), Nicole H (5), Nicole I (2), Hayly (1), Abigail (1), and Jenny (1). As keeper, Jaimie earned 1 shutout.

Congratulations to all the girls for a fine season. Thank you to the assistant coaches and team manager for helping the team to run smoothly. Thank you to all the parents for driving your girls to practices, games, and tournaments. Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping to fund team activities and needs during the season.

Despite the losing record, there were many positives the players could take away from the season. Following, in the opinion of the head coach, are the top 5…

SWRSL CUP (Sept 11, 2011)
The SWRSL Cup is an end-of-season single-elimination playoff tournament that includes all 9 teams in our division. Our first round game was played in Cambridge against Cambridge ‘B’, the team that finished atop our division. Despite the apparent long odds against the 7th place team advancing versus the top team, our team came within inches of pulling off what would have been considered a huge upset. The first half finished with Cambridge ahead 1-0, which is a credit to our strong defence and goalkeeping. At this point, the Cambridge supporters were noticeably worried. Our strong defensive play continued in the second half and our team’s patience (and Kharma) finally paid off when – with about 5 minutes remaining – Cambridge was called for a foul about 3-4 meters outside the 18 yard box. Well, the Orangeville supporters’ excitement (and the Cambridge supporters’ shock) reached pitched levels when the ensuing free kick rocketed into the back of the netting. Our team then held on until full time with the game knotted at 1-1. The game was to be decided on penalty kicks. The two teams each picked 5 shooters and then traded shots, with the game being undecided until the last kick. Cambridge ending up as the winners 4-3 on penalty kicks, but it could very easily have gone the other way. Our girls had proved, on that day, that they could compete with the best. Scoring in regulation was Nicole H. Shoot-out scorers were Nicole H, Nicole I, and Jenny.

SHOOT-OUT WIN vs. FERGUS (August 6, 2011)
The Woolwich tournament saw our team up against some very strong teams. We managed to make it to the quarter-finals, where we came up against Fergus. Fergus took the early lead, but our girls evened up the score; the teams ended up tied 1-1 at full time. Two 5 minute extra periods did not result in any goals, so the game was to be decided on penalty kicks. Five girls from each team alternated penalty kicks, with Fergus going first. The game was still tied on penalty kicks when our last girl took her turn at the penalty spot. This was a very exciting ending to a well fought game. Oh yes, our player scored on that last shot, and the air then filled with eardrum piercing screams from the girls, and cheers from the supporters. Our girls had won 3-2 on penalty kicks. Scoring in regulation was Madison. Shoot-out scorers were Madison, Jenny, and Nicole H. Our keeper for the game and shootout was Jaimie.

SHUT-OUT WIN vs WOOLWICH (August 9, 2011)
This win was special because this was the first game that showed our girls could play a tough defensive game, perhaps a foreshadowing of their SWRSL Cup effort. Congratulations to our keeper, Jaimie, on earning a shut-out, and to the defence for not allowing the opponents many scoring opportunities.

EVEN with WATERLOO (June 14, 2011)
This was an early success for the girls. This 3-3 tie was earned against a strong and well-coached Waterloo team, who were playing on their home field. There was also a last second attack by Orangeville that easily could have resulted in a win. This was the most goals that Waterloo allowed in a game against any opponent in league play for the whole season. This proved that our girls could throw a scoring punch when organized.

SCORING vs STRATFORD (August 27, 2011)
We had set out for this game to focus on offence. I would have judged this game a success for our girls if we were just able to score against Stratford, a team who had produced shutouts in 9 of their previous 13 league games, and had only allowed 8 goals against (or 0.6 goals per game) to that point in the season. Our girls utilized their speed and skill to score two times during this game. A success even though we did not happen to win that game.


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